Icebreakers for Training Sessions – Keep It Simple

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For people attending a training session they either have a long day ahead of them AND OR some learning to do! Participants need to be at their best, ready to take on new information and get what they need out of the session.

It is well known that people perform their best when they are in a comfortable environment. And that means knowing whose around them, feeling relaxed, at ease and engaged about what they are about to learn. Sounds simple and easy enough, right?! Ha… well it is certainly a little bit to consider that’s for sure.

Icebreaker activities work brilliantly here as they can really help to achieve ‘all of the above’. Whatsmore, you can even use a game when the group are getting tired or restless. They’re great for re-energizing also.

The best tip to ensure that your icebreaker achieves what you want it to – ie. People know each other, relaxed environment and feeling engaged, is to ensure that your Icebreaker game is simple. An icebreaker that is run poorly at the beginning of the day can really tarnish the rest of the training unfortunately. You don’t want to fall victim to this – the feedback sheets probably won’t look so great!

When deciding an icebreaker to run, make sure you have a clear goal in mind of what you want people to achieve out it. This includes choosing something that will be relevant for those attending and nothing that will make people feel uncomfortable.

Finally here are some suggestions for some great icebreakers to get a training going:
Magic Wand
Question Fire
What’s in the bag?

These games will help people find their voices, get their brains working and have some fun! What a great way to start the day!

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